Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekend Projects - The Buffet Table that wasn't Meant to Be

Another project that I needed to finish was a buffet table for our dinning room.

I wanted to do a farmhouse/industrial style table.

I had some old oak 1 x 8's planks, 6 x 6 cedar fir posts, some 1 x 2 1/2 metal tubing, and two old milk baskets that I planned on using.

I drew up a simple plan of what I wanted, but make sure you check measurements more than once!  I was supposed to subtract 10" from the depth of the table but ended up adding 10".  So the table that was supposed to end up being a buffet table has ended up being something different.  

The table would have the 6 x 6's as legs, the metal as banding on bottom and top with another banding on the table top, then wood in the middle of the top banding, and finally some wood across the bottom banding for the metal baskets to go on.  

I had to start with welding the metal tubing to create the banding for the bottom and the top.  

Next was the tedious task of notching the 6 x 6's for the metal banding to recess into.  

To do this I chose to use my circular saw set at 1" depth (the depth of the metal) and created several cuts.

Once the cuts are made simply knock them out with a hammer.

After that was done I took a rasp to the notches to clean them out. 

From here on I failed to take pictures, sorry.  

Next I had to assemble.  The metal bands were attached into the notches on the legs and then I welded a band to the top to create a metal edge for the top of the table.  I then attached the 1 x 8 planks to finish the top.

For the base, where the metal baskets would sit, I used some old 1x's and spaced them a few inches part on the metal.  

The finished table...

The table didn't end up becoming a buffet table but instead became a new table for our sunroom.  

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