Sunday, September 1, 2013

Reclaimed Lumber Floor

Thought I would share something I did when we first moved into our home.  We added an addition off the back of the house, to be used as a sun/family room, in which we added a woodstove as well.  Since there would be the woodstove we thought the room could use a bit more of a rustic look and so I wanted to add a plank floor, something like this which I had seen in someone else's home.  

After calculating the cost for even a simple pine floor with 1 x 12 boards I decided it would be too much money.  I decided to try to reuse a bunch of old 1x's instead,  all different lengths, widths, colors, and types of wood.

How it originally looked after it was completed:

How it looked during the construction of built in window seats/storage:

The floor wasn't really all that hard to do.  I sorted all my 1x's according to widths so that all runs would have the same dimension wood.  Then I started to nail them down with square head nails to give it that more rustic look. 

Once nailed I rented a large floor sander and sanded about 5 times with different grit of sandpaper until all the wood was level and smooth on top.  

Once sanded I used bulls eye oil based poly and a roller to apply.  I put about 8 coats on to give it a strong durable finish.  

The floor has been used for about 5 years now and still looks great and is holding up wonderful.

In all the floor cost me about $150 for the poly and sander rental.  

The sunroom gets quite a bit of use and will soon be opened up to our new playroom/schoolroom which is under construction now.

The boys love to help daddy with, well, pretty much anything...

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