Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekend Projects - Mirror

So I hope that no one else is like me in that I have a problem with starting projects without finishing the previous one first.  Because of this problem I have many projects that need to get done ASAP as we are about to have a baby girl and things need to be done!

So this past weekend I decided to get them done, or at least give it my best effort.

One of them was to finish our guest bathroom which meant making a mirror, or at least framing one.

I had an old mirror that came off an old dresser that we threw away.  It was just the mirror itself so i needed to make a frame for it.

I started with some 1x4's that were left over from trimming out our windows (another blog entry possibly) and used these for the main part of the frame.  

I cut them so the 1x4's would overlap the mirror on all sides by 1".

Once cut I made sure they would be square and then off to the table saw.

In order for the mirror to sit flush on the back I had to cut out the back of the 1x4's and used the table saw to do this.  

With all the wood cut, slots made, and an initial sanding it was time for joining them together.  

I used the Kreg system (I mentioned how this works in a previous blog) and glue to join these together.  The Kreg makes tight, square, and even joints when done correctly.  

Testing the mirror for fit...and it fits well.

Next I used some left over molding and attached it to the face of the 1x4's with some trim nails.

I then filled all the holes with Elmers wood filler.  This stuff works great.  It is made with wood sawdust, dries, fast, sands great, and can be painted or stained.

Once I finished sanded I panted the frame with Rustoleum Metallic Oil Rubbed Bronze Spray paint.  

All finished!

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