Sunday, February 24, 2013

His and Her Desks

Our home is not a very large home, about 1,500 square feet, an old modular home with 7 foot ceilings.  It may be on the smaller size but we love it.

Because it is small we don't have a lot of space beyond the things we absolutely need, so space for a study for me and craft room/study for my wife would be luxuries as is the case for most families I imagine.

We found some areas that would work for study areas but would need smaller desks to fit the spaces.


I made Cristina's out of an old sowing machine base, which are easy to find at antique stores for around $20,  and part of a trashed entertainment center.
I removed most of the sewing machine parts just leaving the sides and the back.
The top is the side of the entertainment center stripped, sanded multiple times, and then clear poly'd five times to give it a smooth hard finish.  It is oak.    


Mine is one I designed and made from old lumber; oak, cedar, fir and pine.  Simple construction on top and bottom then several coats of poly.

Being glued up and waiting finish sanding:

Finished with poly drying:

Now we both have our little areas that we use for morning devotions and such.

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