Sunday, January 27, 2013

Well Table

One of my most recent projects was what I like to call the Well Table.  We have a sunroom that we enjoy sitting in and recently added some windows seats.  We thought it would be nice to have a small table in there to sit and play games on or do crafts with the kids. 

One of my brothers had given me a butcher block counter from a home remodel he had done and it had been sitting in the garage for a while.  It was the perfect size but I didn't have a base and it needed some work to make it look good again.  

I went to a local antique dealer, who has many items that I would love to get, and searched his many many buildings for the perfect base.  I new I wanted something metal.  Finally at the back of one of the larger buildings I saw this metal base with a round wooden cyliner on it.  I had no idea what a great find it was.  It was the handle from an old well, similar to the one in the picture. 

I stripped, sanded, and refinished the butcher block and then cleaned the base and sealed with a spray on poly to give it a clean look.  I attached the block to the base and now it is ready to go.  I did have it so it turned but decided it would be best to have it remain solid.  

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